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Boosting Tax Revenues

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By legalizing marijuana, substantial taxes could be added to specific purchases. Though the particular price of pot would be more or less close to the existing cost in the market, the revenue that can be generated from this could be re-channelled to the state and local businesses through taxes instead of profit for drug dealers. This would, of course, translate to the creation of jobs and other programs necessary for nation-building.  Aside from this, marijuana legalization would also help decrease if not totally eliminate crimes that are related to drugs. Marijuana has long become a multi-million industry which involves the participation of thousands of young people. Making pot legal can help get them stay out of criminal acts.

Learning from History

History proves that prohibition helped spawned a full-scale underground economy that is beyond the control of the government. If you will ask many people what they think of the Prohibition, the answer that you will get is unanimous: it is an epic failure. It is sad though that in spite of this, the government seemed to get the lesson about Prohibition. Good thing there are advocacy groups such as that helps people understand why it is necessary to legalize pot and how can it help stimulate the U.S. economy and companies nationwide. Time to bust out those nandos discount vouchers!

Cannabis Economics

Illegal marijuana has been making many drug dealers into overnight billionaires in just a very short time. Instead of operating legitimate businesses, these individuals have chosen to sell an illegal substance for profit. A bail bondsman once told me that 40% of incarcerations are marijuana related. By making it legal and taxable, billions of dollars every year can be re-channelled into various government projects such as infrastructure development, housing projects, health care, and education. Today, many states including California have been suffering from economic troubles. The state has been implementing a monthly two-day government shutdown to cut costs. This, though necessary, translates to various inconveniences particularly on the lives of many workers.  The legalization of marijuana would definitely help the state government earn millions of dollars every year, possibly even more than tax revenue created by online ventures like this website. By taxing the herb, California could actually earn enough money and use it to give people more jobs as well as improve the efficiency of the state government.

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Taking the U.S. High

Aside from getting people high and giving movie producers million-dollar movie ideas, marijuana could also elevate government profits by taxing it.  According to Harvard professor Jeffrey Miron, legalizing pot could help the U.S. government earn and estimated $6.2 billion tax revenue every year, much more than the food or travel industries earn every year. This could be possible if the herb would be taxed similar to the rates of tobacco and alcohol. Compared to liquor and cigarettes, however, pro-marijuana legalization also maintained that pot is actually much safer (and can be healthy when paired with exercising with gyms as seen in these home gym reviews). For many decades various health risks have been associated with the use and abuse of alcohol and tobacco products. On the other hand, no case has ever been recorded pertaining to health risks that may be caused by marijuana. The problem is alcohol and tobacco products, despite statistics showing that hundreds or thousands people die every year due to these substances, are legal and can be easily obtained anywhere in the country. Certain groups believe that this particular fact further proves the absurdness of existing laws against marijuana. On the plus side, Lifecell reviews tout the power of medication to rejuvenate health, so there need not be any fear regarding natural cures.

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Why Not Legalize Cannabis?

Why Not Legalize Cannabis?

Jun 27, 2012

For almost four decades, marijuana or cannabis sativa has been regarded as public enemy no. 1 in America (other than expensive cell phone plans–read the ting review here) . But it seems like the times really are a-changing. In spite of the social stigma that has been associated with marijuana or pot, thanks to the passing of various laws decriminalizing it, a lot of individuals and group are now waking up to a new realization about the infamous grass. Apart from studies confirming the usefulness of marijuana in various fields, legislators are even considering the possibilities of making weed helpful to the economy. According to pro-legalization advocates, making marijuana legal would help stimulate the economy in various ways.