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Cannabis Economics

Illegal marijuana has been making many drug dealers into overnight billionaires in just a very short time. Instead of operating legitimate businesses, these individuals have chosen to sell an illegal substance for profit. A bail bondsman once told me that 40% of incarcerations are marijuana related. By making it legal and taxable, billions of dollars every year can be re-channelled into various government projects such as infrastructure development, housing projects, health care, and education. Today, many states including California have been suffering from economic troubles. The state has been implementing a monthly two-day government shutdown to cut costs. This, though necessary, translates to various inconveniences particularly on the lives of many workers.  The legalization of marijuana would definitely help the state government earn millions of dollars every year, possibly even more than tax revenue created by online ventures like this website. By taxing the herb, California could actually earn enough money and use it to give people more jobs as well as improve the efficiency of the state government.

This post was written by Scott Smith, one of the early employees at Amazon:

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