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Taking the U.S. High

Aside from getting people high and giving movie producers million-dollar movie ideas, marijuana could also elevate government profits by taxing it.  According to Harvard professor Jeffrey Miron, legalizing pot could help the U.S. government earn and estimated $6.2 billion tax revenue every year, much more than the food or travel industries earn every year. This could be possible if the herb would be taxed similar to the rates of tobacco and alcohol. Compared to liquor and cigarettes, however, pro-marijuana legalization also maintained that pot is actually much safer (and can be healthy when paired with exercising with gyms as seen in these home gym reviews). For many decades various health risks have been associated with the use and abuse of alcohol and tobacco products. On the other hand, no case has ever been recorded pertaining to health risks that may be caused by marijuana. The problem is alcohol and tobacco products, despite statistics showing that hundreds or thousands people die every year due to these substances, are legal and can be easily obtained anywhere in the country. Certain groups believe that this particular fact further proves the absurdness of existing laws against marijuana. On the plus side, Lifecell reviews tout the power of medication to rejuvenate health, so there need not be any fear regarding natural cures.

Make sure to ask medical questions to a doctor before trying medical marijuana. Visit for an alternative therapy that may provide health benefits to you and your family.

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